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  1. My name : Moez.bk DC name : Leo.Messi Match Date: 18.06.2017 Video: before the game he must be banned because he has 8/8 win strk and he didn't like to lose a game ( @Leo.Messi , don't cry in this post and saying it because the electricity cut in egypte and bla bla bla )
  2. My name : Moez.bk DC & Insulter name : hatake Match Date: 17.06.2017 Video:
  3. My name : Moez.bk DC name : DAHMANIS2 Match Date: 15.06.2017 Video:
  4. My name : Moez.bk DC name : mohsine20 Match Date: 14.06.2017 Video:
  5. My name : Moez.bk DC name : moises100 Match Date: 14.06.2017 Video:
  6. u must download any stadium like those 2 ( https://pes6stars.cf/forum/index.php?/topic/1338-champions-league-europa-league/#comment-3354 ) and put them on ( kitserver\GDB\stadiums ) and when u r in this menu on online : u must press "ctrl" ( if u use keyboard ) or "select" ( if u use dualshock ) to get the stadium menu after that press "A" ( if u use keyboard ) or "L1" ( if u use dualshock ) to choose u'r stadium !!
  7. if u use "Cheat Engine" u will not out from the room , stop liyng and crying and u r DC too much , this is not u'r 1st time but like always , the admin fucked up with me that's y he didn't give u 1dc ( https://pes6stars.cf/forum/index.php?/topic/1432-shini-dc/#comment-3600 )
  8. My name : Moez.bk DC name : DAHMANIS2 Match Date: 14.06.2017 Video: PS: @Ahg37 , back my score , "DAHMANIS2" is the cheater , not me , and don't give me 1DC , because I get out from the game after his 5th goal IYKWIM
  9. this is not his 1st time that he DC !! 1# https://pes6stars.cf/forum/index.php?/topic/1323-bbc-dc/#comment-3290 2# https://pes6stars.cf/forum/index.php?/topic/1289-bbc-is-a-dc-cheater/#comment-3243 he always DC !! also he has an other nick name ==) -.M.S.N.-
  10. My name : Moez.bk DC name : DFOS Match Date: 12.06.2017 Video:
  11. in egypt they always cut off the elecricity at the 90th min?
  12. My name : Moez.bk DC name : Lio.Messi Match Date: 12.06.2017 Video:
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