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  1. I had problem with him too he is not polite, too rude and not fair player
  2. Hey Bro! I am using an original version called ""BEST ORIGNAL PES6 (4k Staduims ,Balls .. etc)""
  3. The rest of the screenshots https://ibb.co/tZ8ytL0 https://ibb.co/RSj1xQJ
  4. before we go to extra times he said does not want to play I said to him if you left I will report you then he respond suck my d*** . I failed to take screenshot of this but if you can verify the history of chat you will see find it. then the rest of chat is in the screenshoot and when I score the goal in the first half then in the second he left when he felt he can not play he made me so angry and so stressed and I do not think that is the goal of our playing Sorry for my long story
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