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Found 9 results

  1. DC cheater in game name: "AmmarMy". I played this match 15/06/2020, today, Monday at 13:39. Prove: image picture. This user left the game and I couldn't use the dc command in the game because it said: "dc command cannot be used, please report to us". I would apreciate it a lot your help. My user game name is: "nachogw".
  2. EnriqueC-A- & ToniKroos_GER has been banned Reason : Too much disconnect/escape when losing. Proof : 100% Server Logs and Pes6Stars's latest feature for stop cheaters -> The page of "Unfinished" games! ============================ EnriqueC-A- -> 26 match - 24 wins > 1 draws > 1 losses his disconnects / escapes more than 5 (when draw 2 dc, when lose 3 dc) you have 1 lost, 5 escape. ToniKroos_GER -> 30 match - 25 wins > 5 losses > winstreak 17/17 his disconnects / escapes 9 (most of escapes at penalties ) you have 5 lost, 9 escape and 17/17 winstreak. Yo
  3. my ingame name: Suppose name that was disconnected: SEXY Match Date: 31.1.2018 https://youtu.be/0ayJ5F955w4
  4. - DC Cheater InGame Name : VALDERRAMA - When you played this match? : 22/01/2018 - 16h (Brazil) - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : https://www.youtube.com/embed/qnCw6M0eH50 - Describe what he made : Stole balls, he did lag and goals by means of cheat!
  5. today 8-16-17 time ig cheater: CunDiego ADmin or moderator PLEASE!!!! check the logs he is a dc cheater all the days 53/53 pleae ban this cheater he was banned wiht the nick CUN and now he continue cheating with CunDiego of argentina.
  6. HI user cheater :.X. of Spain he is a dc cheater please check logs and ban this cheater
  7. Nesto is #11 in the ranking because he is a dc cheater.
  8. Name in game : _.Yongi._ Cheater's Name : N.o...DoL..L..e..R https://sendvid.com/cbfk7rm1
  9. My name: RedVenom35 Cheater Name: Alireza2020 5.minutes setup match guy,half time dc cheater
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