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Found 11 results

  1. My friend has returned but we keep seeing / with each other. We can play with some other hosts but can't host ourselves, yet we are both from UK with good connections. Also a friend in Spain with good connection I see / with. Do you have any possible solutions for this? Do we need to open ports possibly? We have played pes online together in past many years ago with no trouble then. I cant understand why I can play with others but not him. Also a friend from Spain I have the same problem (/) with. Can you help, thanks. Dan
  2. Hello guys. I have PES 6 ULTIMATE PATCH 2019. My friend also has the same patch. When we enter The Friendly lobby or any other lobby and we start a game, we get to choose our teams, and then we get to play with classic players of PES 6 not MODERN players!!! Example Juventus vs Barcelona ( In offline mode we have modern players ) and ( in online mode we get to play with Ronaldinho..etc so classic players). How can we solve this? Thank you.
  3. Hello friends, I would like to know if it is possible to play online with the option file activated. My brother and I usually play PES6, we have created our teams and players with the same option file and we would like to play with our computers invented in network. Is there any possibility? Thanks
  4. Me Conan cheater : BEBOOqrr233 https://imgur.com/a/IW1NQ
  5. Hi guys, i would like to know why I can not play with another user with my ip, he did try to change ip with a proxy but he didn't play again because it did appears to him this screen. How i can fix this problem??
  6. y u put 2 disconnect for me ?? is there any report about me ?? and also , I never played with Chelsea !!!! and where is my win/strak record ?? it's true , I disconnect 2 times , but I have reasons !! 1st : I said no cut , but this man scored a goal with cut ! the video : and the same reason for the 2nd dc ^^ ! plz , back my scores !!!
  7. Hello, is it normal that the Shollym Patch server doesn't work ? thanks for your answer :)
  8. - Your InGame Name : Noob-Saibot - Hacker InGame Name : 10-ADRIANO - -First ... I do not know if he is a cheating or is a hacker, but just a very very suspicious and strange. Even when I saw that the unbeatable lost 1-0 , i guessed that something will happen here. If he is so good, he will turn around the result , or he will cheat. Well, he failed to Turn around ... but there is no loss in his statistics too. The conclusions and discussions leave them to you .
  9. Me and my friends created a Classic All Star option file for many national teams and we would like to play it online on this server, but when we start a game only the default option file appears with players from original PES 6. When we play offline there is no problem, but it seems not to work online. Is there a way for us to play with our All Stars OF on this server? Thank you in advance for your reply.
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