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Hi all mate, in the same way like in pes6j server, i would like to suggest here one idea.

The revolution tournament, is very simply to say but not easy to get. You must get one goal with ALL  the pes6 teams. Record, edit and post to the comunity. Not prizes, and only to see a lot of goals with teams differents to inter, real, barsa, etc.

Cut goals are not wellcome.

I hope pes6stars stuff, Bob and Ahg37, permit this activity. Really i think that is nothing bad to the comunity, i think that if a few accept this challenge, we will see a lot of rare teams playing in pes6stars arena.

This is my firs video here, an example with all the teams of the Ligue 1 of France:

I hope you like it.


gg and gl.

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I really want say so many many much lovely words for you. :love:
 But sadly I don't have good english for that. I hope you can forgive me for that 
and... I love you so much bro... :crying: 

I'm not busy for do tournament or any other things. But I have big problem!
And that problem turns my efforts to offline! The problem is my ethernet provider and I can't do anything because of my ethernet provider. :soangry: 

I probably fix this problem before next month or next 3 weeks... :ashamed:

But Bob and Johnson are too busy. Even they can't find a time to fix some of easy problems.

If you can organize the tournament than I really can try to do my best. But I think we need bob and johnson's feelings too.  :like:

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I undestand you so well mate, Internet problems can be very annoying. I hope you solve your problems very soon, arkadas.

About the tournament is so easy to organize, when you or Bob or johnson will be ready, you can make publicity or make a good post here, with a simple rules, and wait for the user's videos. As simply like this. Only a place to see a lot of goals with all the pes6 teams. I am ending the videos of premier league and calcio, and in a few days i ll post it.

Is very funny to play with low teams....againts inter or brazil, and very congratulation score againts this high teams...but difficoul too. Sometimes you have to loses 3 or 4 matches until you get your goal....:). But is the prize you have to spend if you accept the challenge.

tx for all. keep on touch.

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