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  1. chobas


    Is MySQL download safe and free? cuz i have created oracle account so i can download it.
  2. chobas


    Thank you very much, i will try this
  3. chobas


    Is it possible to play PES 5 online like PES 6?
  4. chobas

    Tearing screen

    I just run game as admin ,it worked :D
  5. chobas


    Can you explain me how to do that, i downloaded new balls and when i copy that file to kitserver/gbd/balls it said do you want to replace with existing once i press yes and then i only have new balls, old are deleted, am i supposed to press no?
  6. chobas


    Is it possible to add new balls and not to delete previous one, I have fls 2007 patch, so can i add new balls and not to delete existing one i have?
  7. Im playing with my firend online, we have the same patch, game is awesome lik in good old times, server are great, good job guys and thanks fo help :D
  8. This patch is great, everythnig is working fine, but can i play online vs my friend who have the same patch?
  9. Thank you very much, i will try it and i will contact you if i mess somethnig :D
  10. How am I supposed to create kitserver folder and only to add balls and stadiums patch?
  11. chobas

    Tearing screen

    While im playing pes6 my screen is tearing, i mean there is one line which is cutting my sceen horizontaly, im playing on laptop, i have amd radeon graphics and my refresh rate is set to 60hz?
  12. When im playing online in original default pes 6 mode, i cant change stadiums, theres no option for it and stadium is always the same?Any advices.
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