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  1. I need my points kindly. and he be banned of course Thanks
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  2. haha cant punish the dc doers, so I punish the ones who make them dc hh Hey, play your threats on someone else, not me I've been in this game since 2009 and was former admin to pes-gate. Do you really think ill cower when you say "ill ban you" hh Do justice and ban kids who insult and run cowards from games, not me Do strictness and punish people who use VPNs and other means to run away from losing, not me
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  3. everything on the servers works till i get to choose teams, the screen goes black and it shows a message saying something along the lines of "The connection with the other players failed" and it returns me to the lobby automatically, i tried disabling the auto port thing in settings and writing the default one, the hosts file works fine because it wouldnt let me even enter the servers otherwise, and it isnt a proximity issue since i tried this with a friend that lives like 5 blocks away lol thank you
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