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  1. game stopped working

    This is the default game (without any patches)
  2. Unable to connect to PES 6 online

    Just add the game ports at your router how to portforward at google and try it.
  3. game stopped working

    Try to download another copy maybe this copy doesn't support online mode.
  4. Downloading the game
  5. Unable to connect to PES 6 online

    Try to port forward game ports also check the firewall and put hosts file in the corrected place  put Hosts File In "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc"   Regards, Bob
  6. An error occurred during verification

    Hello,   Make sure of serial number is same as you register with it, also make sure password is not too much long.   Regards, Bob
  7. Recuperar cuenta y serial

    What i found is that Azzlaer I have pm'ed you with the serial number of this account. Regards, Bob
  8. Recuperar cuenta y serial

    Can you tell me your username and i will help you get your serial number, you can contact me at discord and pm me over there or at here.   Regards, Bob
  9. cant connect to server

    Hello, For who can't connect to the server, Just re-download the hosts file the stun server has been replaced. Hosts file: Regards, Bob
  10. shoutbox system fails (2)

    Enjoy ;) Topic closed
  11. shoutbox system fails (2)

    Strange things,  Did you try to clear cache or try from another browser as this never happened for me, even box and buttons are all appearing instantly without any issues.
  12. shoutbox system fails (2)

    Everyone can use the shoutbox, can you explain more about your issue?
  13. shoutbox system fails.

    Hello, Its now fixed.     Regards, Bob   Topic closed!

    Hello,   In password at network screen you need to put username-password dont forget - between username and password.
  15. Register Problem

    Try to put in it "aaa123" to get it passed.   Topic Closed.