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  1. Hamdy100 Dc Desconexion

    thanks for report
  2. Ekyanaarea (DC)

    Match score added as 5-2! You win! Thanks for report!
  3. Dc report

    Match score has been added to you Next time before leaving from room open the chat and just type @dc and enter than the match will be added to you. But please keep report here or discord. Thank you... Thanks FOR REPORT
  4. Dc Desconexion

    already banned
  5. TheBeastLeo insulted.

    This is personal insult. We ban players when they insult to family. That means you can insult him without using family from player channel like this.
  6. 5m dc again and always

    Sorry but the system says that he is not dc cheater. That means more report needed
  7. Total-control hack

    "WAKASHIIMAZU" banned, your lose removed, thanks for report, sorry for late reply.
  8. Racism Leandro2000

    if he telling you "king" what is the problem?
  9. Racism Leandro2000

    Call him a monkey. Tell me too. What happens when someone say that? Let's leave these unnecessary susceptibility.
  10. Mido_Elegezy insult

    Mido_Elegezy banned until he/she reply about it
  11. Help, name change

    write from private you can also use discord or facebook
  12. mnmn04690 disconnects

    when dc command dont work than record with match score as video and send here