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  1. Hello i forgot my password and my name because because it's been a long time since I played

  2. yours deserved victory has been added and ".chiko." has been banned until reply back. But please next time don't forget to tell the date and time that when the match played.
  3. what was the score? what was the minute the match cancelled on? and what was the date?
  4. "El-Mak" has been banned until apologize back to you.
  5. That rules in the picture was added by me. And same person (me) saying this ; if player can give promise and keep his promise than he can be unbanned for one time only about transfer or dc cheating.
  6. "AhMeDcOoL" banned until apologize. And the match has been added (2-0).
  7. Pesgate? A cheaps server who hacked the evo-league code? You have to be shame yourself because calling yourself as older pesgate admin. This topic closed here. Because you started write on discord. Let's talk there!
  8. if you say this again you will get banned
  9. if you can report this player with another match again than you will get both of 2 wins from 2 games back. Otherwise I can not do anything. Sorry. Thanks for report.
  10. Man... it's not even 10:00 and also its 2 vs 2 match! Also I didn't see this player do this (as report) before . So I can not do anything if you don't have any other proof/other evidence to change it.
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