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  1. "abdoA123" banned as 5 day.
  2. "85.45" banned as 5 day
  3. "sane0" 30 day ban. Because he was banned 7 day before but as I see he still didn't learn it yet. ((The duration of the ban may change as a result of the defense of the other's side party.))
  4. Ahg37


    "sd78" has been banned. your 3-0 win is added. Thanks for report!
  5. "Joystick5" has been banned until he/she reply back. Thanks for report !
  6. Forum is now fixed! It was need to time and we didn't find any time. Finally bob worked over 6 hour and fixed it and also added last version. - Enjoy the new style!
  7. Match score added as 5-2! You win! Thanks for report!
  8. Match score has been added to you Next time before leaving from room open the chat and just type @dc and enter than the match will be added to you. But please keep report here or discord. Thank you... Thanks FOR REPORT
  9. This is personal insult. We ban players when they insult to family. That means you can insult him without using family from player channel like this.
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