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  1. DC cheater in game name: "AmmarMy". I played this match 15/06/2020, today, Monday at 13:39. Prove: image picture. This user left the game and I couldn't use the dc command in the game because it said: "dc command cannot be used, please report to us". I would apreciate it a lot your help. My user game name is: "nachogw".
  2. cheater: McTinTin date: 22/06/20 hour.18:45 My nick: runas https://youtu.be/4th_kzhr9-o
  3. he make dc in last of half 2 and i record video by fraps link https://streamable.com/t7kj41
  4. my ingame name: Cell.jr cheat name: Baglarspor Match Date: 3.5.2020 Evidence: https://youtu.be/JZyhId1JdH8
  5. content deleted by admin ahg37
  6. date: 19/10/2019 Nick of the cheater: Quwert My nick: runas Note: the @dc command no worked this time. Will be a new cheat?....
  7. My nick ingame: runas The nick of the cheater: zem date: 3/3/2019 00:45 aprox (gtm +1)
  8. My nick: Duvobsky Nick of the cheater: -.-YouneSs-.- And other thing:....the @dc command not worked this time.
  9. My ingame nick: runas The nick of the poor cheater: tunisienstade date: 4/12/2018 hour: 00:30 aprox.
  10. date: 15/11/2018 Hour:23:15 (gtm +1) My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: C.R...7
  11. date: 03/10/2018 hour: 19:00h aprox (gtm +1) My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: Pyramids Deco cheat last minute and insult.
  12. My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: Mravojed Date: 07/10/2018 at 19:00 hour
  13. DATE: 21 SEPTEMBER 2018 HOUR APROX: 20:15 (gtm +1) I was playing with SPAIN and the cheater MAK with ENGLAND, in the PES6STAR UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE. As you can see in the video he used TOTAL CONTROL CHEAT to control my goalkeeper out of the goal. Please ban this guy, because this kind of people ruins the game.
  14. My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: rayess18 Date: 01/09/2018, 21:10 pm (gtm+1).
  15. My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: Cayrus DAte: 27/08/2018, 18:45 pm (gtm+1) aprox.
  16. My nick in game: runas The nick of the cheater: AhmedElFishawy1 date: 16 agost 2018, 21:30 h (gtm+1)
  17. https://youtu.be/Ue5G5kFaDwUGanZo DC CHEATER
  18. pathetic... https://youtu.be/VHU_2Hu2WxY
  19. Cheater name : leroidesprinces Time of the game : 11 june 00:45 gmt Wvat the cheater do : DC in stoppage time after 7to1 defeat. I want the points of the game and dc added to his account. Thanks Proof :
  20. ZIADA-M (0 , 3 ) -..OUZURIS..- proof : https://youtu.be/xBI5IfeFfg4
  21. Me : M.Ozil24 cheater : SINCOS.KINA prove(image) : https://imgur.com/a/sti7Ryc SINCOS.KINA dc after he lose 10-0 in last min of the game. 90+
  22. FUTURE DC AFTER HE LOSE IN PENALTY SHOTS LIKE ALWAYS befor : https://imgur.com/a/Fz2PAdi after : https://imgur.com/a/MIEJe2P 16 w - 0 d - 0 l big cheeater !!
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