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  1. cheater: McTinTin date: 22/06/20 hour.18:45 My nick: runas https://youtu.be/4th_kzhr9-o
  2. date: 17/06/2020 hour: 21h aprox. cheater: Daniel122 MY nick: runas. https://youtu.be/Y3s91ZXkEAg
  3. Cheater: Mad.Man Date: 14/06/20 Hour:20:50 My nick: runas This guy have 193 dc, and i said him that i dont want to play with him. And following with his stupid attitude, stupid stats and stupid way of life....his reaction is "to name my mother". Mothers are holy.... https://youtu.be/SuLupMFul_Q
  4. Hey mate one question....in the last screen one of the "Barsa teams" is in yellow !!!!!! In the original pes6 the second equipment is orange colour. What patch do you use ???? ggandgl
  5. Cheater: WAEL777 DATE: 29/12/2019, 2:00 APROX Other crazy man, losing his nerves and insulting heavly. Mothers are holly......bang, bang, bang....ban him.
  6. I hope i cant post this here... date: 22-12-2019 hour: 19:30 aprox. In second half we have a terrible, unplayable lag so i quit the match, while i was winning.....so my question is that is posible delete....this dc number 8 !!! https://youtu.be/cJ6nN0-zG8k
  7. date: 22-12-2019 hour: 19:50 aprox. cheater: SOCRATES----- cheat: use super patch or something like that. He have DE SQUERAN, that is Di Stefano playing in Benfica. You can see it in the beggining of the video after he shoted with Distefano. https://youtu.be/pv1YD_4qE_g
  8. Friend, I didn't write anything because this time in the "player tab" (jugador) didn't light up as usual. I don't know if I explain myself. The truth is that I did not try to write it, because the system did not ask me as usual, you know. Next time, i'll write even the system no advice me. longlivepesseis
  9. date: 19/10/2019 Nick of the cheater: Quwert My nick: runas Note: the @dc command no worked this time. Will be a new cheat?....
  10. Hey mate i can write now in the shoutbox.......................is a miracle.......tx friend
  11. Yes mate off course. The web in general goes so slowly for me. Even write here i had to wait several seconds to use the box: "REPLY TO THIS POST"....you know? And about the shoutbox, since long time ago, when i write something and press shout buttom, the page goes to the top, like if i enter again in the web, but nothing happens. My words dont appear in the box. Nothing.... tx for all.
  12. Sorry mate, but the problem continuer for me. I can see you can write, but not me.
  13. Hello, i dont know if is only my problem, but the shoutbox system no works.....grrrr. cheers and tx in advance
  14. My nick ingame: runas The nick of the cheater: zem date: 3/3/2019 00:45 aprox (gtm +1)
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