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Found 7 results

  1. before we go to extra times he said does not want to play I said to him if you left I will report you then he respond suck my d*** . I failed to take screenshot of this but if you can verify the history of chat you will see find it. then the rest of chat is in the screenshoot and when I score the goal in the first half then in the second he left when he felt he can not play he made me so angry and so stressed and I do not think that is the goal of our playing Sorry for my long story
  2. i downloaded hosts, but when i go into network, it starts loading for about 10 seconds and then just quits the game i assume there is a problem in the computer settings, does anyone know what i need to change? it is windows 10
  3. Hello. Do anyone know a viable source where I can get the full version of the game for pc?
  4. dc by : shkonya9derli i was winning 1-0 please count https://youtu.be/VvBwouThqdc
  5. A player named #Nicosciarra96 was superior to him with a few goals at the end of the first half. He went out of the game to avoid a loss.
  6. I signed in yesterday and I noticed that there are some servers with different patches. For example, there's the ArabStars Patch, the Supersonic Patch, etc... And of course, the original. I want to know HOW to play in those servers with different patches, it's confusing the heck outta me... Sorry I posted in the suggestions forum, Can you move it to the support forum?
  7. With up to 9 or 12 disconnections and the prohibition of the account or for a few days
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