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  3. Hello i forgot my password and my name because because it's been a long time since I played

  4. فعلا والله يا اخي وتلاقيهم عيال عندهم 15 سنه
  5. مفيش اي رد علي اي حاحة صح..؟
  6. iframe src="https://youtu.be/KwSIFLdRjeI"> </iframe> https://youtu.be/KwSIFLdRjeI
  7. ايه ده هو انت صبري؟ انا افتكرتك سبت اللعبة و حد خد اسمك
  8. yours deserved victory has been added and ".chiko." has been banned until reply back. But please next time don't forget to tell the date and time that when the match played.
  9. what was the score? what was the minute the match cancelled on? and what was the date?
  10. The mentioned insults in Arabic are "9ah**", "Charmo***", "di**", "za**" and "9ah**ti"
  11. chiko used d.c cheat at minute 82 and we cant enable to use @dc command the game result wasn't counted
  12. while playing that game ithe dc command not working https://ibb.co/M5jZymF https://ibb.co/S05zWX3
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