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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello, you can message me on discord. Pes6stars.us.to/discord Regards, Bob
  3. Hello, Private chat is working well, You can try !playername message or /playername message Can you explain what you face in the private chat so we can look into it. Explain in pictures would be great too. Regards, Bob
  4. Last week
  5. I love you guys and how you added groups after all these years without it since the original days. But since adding groups, the player (private) chats dont work, just says he isn't on the server. I want to message someone but it's impossible to do now. Please try and add this back. IS there any reason it had to be removed when groups were added? If given a choice I'd still prefer to keep the player chat, as you can message friends who might be in game or afk.
  6. Earlier
  7. CR7

    Hi, i have Problem connecting to pes6stars server, please who can help me? :pray_tone2::pray_tone2::pray_tone2:

    1. Bob


      You can message me on discord. 


  8. Hi, I have a problem trying to connect to your pes6stars server when i trying to connect to the server, no matter what hosts file I have there, it connects to the Spanish server (pes6.es) I would love to get help to connect to your pes6stars server please!!!
  9. Thx ! working :) i did'nt cheak the serial
  10. Hello, Make sure you registered with the same serial number of the game you see in the networking screen in game as your account. Also at password field in game you should type yourUsername-yourPassword Regards, Bob
  11. Hey, I successfully registered to the site, but when I enter my username and password (as explained in the video) it keeps giving me this error... an error occurred during verification how can i fix it ?
  12. Show your proof please. We only deal with proofs like screenshot or video.
  13. Hi guys, I'm new to this server. I played 2 games, I was winning and the opponent disconnected and didn't give me the wins. Does it work like this on this server?
  14. When I wanted to create an account he said processing failed
  15. Ahg37

    need help

    Eğer bilgilerinizi unuttuysanız veya emin değilseniz Buraya gidin : http://Pes6Stars.us.to:8190 ve tekrar kayıt olun. Kullanıcı adı (username) ve şifre (password) sayı ile harf dışında çizgi, nokta veya ünlem gibi işaret ve türkçe karakter içermesin. Oluşturduktan sonra oyun içerisinden network moduna gidin. karşınıza "Welcome to Pes6Stars.us.to Server" mesajı geldiğinden emin olun. Gördükten sonra tepede "Login" yazana kadar devam edin ve "password" yazan yer yanıp sönmeye başladığında enter'a basın ve kullanıcı adı ile şifrenizi arada çizgi olacak şekilde yazın Örneğin ; Eğer kullanıcı adınız Pes6 ve şifreniz abc123 ise password yazan (yanıp sönen) yere : Pes6-abc123 yazın. Aynı bu şekilde nasıl yazıyorsa öyle yazın. Doğru yazdığında karşınıza "select player profile" ekranı gelicektir ve profil oluşturup oynamak için devam edebilirsiniz. Sorun devam ederse veya başka bir sorun olursa discord üzerinden yardımcı olabilirim. Rumuzum @byAh37 discord sunucumuz : https://discord.com/invite/XWxQ3BhPHN - Teşekkürler
  16. efedesouza

    need help

    on the password section i put myname and mypassword but it doesnt work can someone help please (sry for my bad English)
  17. Hello Admins, I got insult by this Player SUNDERJAMES Whitout any reason because i win him 4-2 Please Admin Ban this Player He is Always msg me to inbox and start insult PES6STARS FOR EVER
  18. hello, if you have discord you can come and we can talk about it detailedly https://discord.com/invite/XWxQ3BhPHN
  19. Hello guy, I'm french and i m working on PES6J (java) server from Elpinfi. So, i want to rebuild competition mode but there is few pictures of the mod on internet. I successful join compettion mode but i need some informations on fields used for recreate database. Anyone have remembers how it works ? Best regards,
  20. Is there any way to play PES17 or PES13 on online servers ?
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  22. Hello i Report Youness because he insult in Game i have prof
  23. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-8jhmCCf-mIFRPa14y-eigksWDZyHUCn/view?usp=drive_link
  24. 2 clowns from Egypt i played with them last game 2-3
  25. fildho de puta = son of a ****
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