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  3. Hello, As i said you can play with players having at least 1 bar in the box beside their name and match will be able to start without any issues and make sure your internet is stable while you are playing. Regards.
  4. I'm living in french and i go on lobby NO PATCH #1
  5. Hello, Make sure you are playing with players near your country/location or at least they are having a 1 connection bar beside their names. Regards.
  6. Hello, I have this message that appears when I want to join a lobby
  7. Hello, I was playing agains Dzeko and he disconeceted when games arrived penalties, possible because is more easy lose at penalties. i just want to report him because he is one of those guys on server that just wanta profile wiith 100% victories, for sure. this kind of things in fact makes not much playable things on server, because its common play against someone who knows to disconnect and make impossible the affected player add @dc comand. its here a image of his profile. thanks.
  8. he isn't bad yet. ..what is going on?
  9. 1. He wasn't banned as told. 2. Will it be ten days as well? Is that a fitting response to those insults?
  10. "abdoA123" banned as 5 day.
  11. "85.45" banned as 5 day
  12. "sane0" 30 day ban. Because he was banned 7 day before but as I see he still didn't learn it yet. ((The duration of the ban may change as a result of the defense of the other's side party.))
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