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  1. Earlier
  2. lucasrodriguez lâche 1-0 déconnexion et actif @dc pour moi pour ajouter du jeu ...
  4. GorditaHiguain Dc Desconexion
  5. Hamdy100 Dc Desconexion

    thanks for report
  6. Hamdy100 Dc Desconexion
  7. Ekyanaarea (DC)

    Match score added as 5-2! You win! Thanks for report!
  8. Ekyanaarea (DC)

    Dc From Ekyanaarea in 88' score 5-2  
  9. Dc report

    Match score has been added to you Next time before leaving from room open the chat and just type @dc and enter than the match will be added to you. But please keep report here or discord. Thank you... Thanks FOR REPORT
  10. Dc report

    dc cheater name(SHETONE) dc in min 90 after i 3 goal scored match date:2020/12/6 Please add match results to my profile(Welakh) thanks.
  11. Dc Desconexion

    already banned
  12. Dc Desconexion

    against anas22 I put the command @dc and did not mark anything or send the message to the server?
  13. Fifa 4242 online no patch pes 6 5 year to now 2016 2021 857M
  14.   Fifa 4242 online no patch pes 6 5 year to now 2016 2021 857M  
  15. Dc Cheater

  16. DC report

    - DC Cheater InGame Name : DANIELS1983 - When you played this match? : 11/11/20 23:21 - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : attached - Describe what he made : In extra time, losing by 5 - 1, he DC.
  17. Insulting parents

    WAKASHIIMAZU & _F10_ insult on server . the proof :
  18. TheBeastLeo insulted.

    This is personal insult. We ban players when they insult to family. That means you can insult him without using family from player channel like this.
  19. 5m dc again and always

    Sorry but the system says that he is not dc cheater. That means more report needed
  20. Total-control hack

    "WAKASHIIMAZU" banned, your lose removed, thanks for report, sorry for late reply.
  21. Total-control hack

    Please remove the lose from my account @Ahg37
  22. Total-control hack

    My name:  khinjhbi510jgy Cheater name : WAKASHIIMAZU Match date : 11-08-2020  at 8.30 pm total control hacker and this proof : @Ahg37@Bob  
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