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  1. My name : -Warrior- name of insult : hemasx Porve(image) : 1- https://prnt.sc/jrqc3n
  2. My name : -Warrior- name of dc : -Draxler 10- Porve(image) : https://prntscr.com/jrqb60 Me : -Warrior- Peich VS visca_barca And -Draxler 10-
  3. My name : -Warrior- name of dc : -.TheGame.- Porve(image) : https://prnt.sc/jom3bh Me : -Warrior- Peich VS -.TheGame.- And philippe
  4. My name : -Warrior- name of dc : Alen Porve(image) : https://prnt.sc/joltee Me : -Warrior- Peich VS Alen And kada
  5. My name : -Warrior- name of dc : karimbenzema Porve(image) : https://prntscr.com/jo73oe Me : -Warrior- And The_Sniper VS karimbenzema And Elfa3on and talks a lot in lobby and insult https://prntscr.com/jo75hr
  6. My name : -Warrior- Date : 06/05/2018 name of dc : monabil Porve(image) : https://prntscr.com/jee5kb https://prntscr.com/jee6jw Me : -Warrior- And The_Sniper VS karimbenzema And monabil
  7. not this proff i'm ply with Peich and Peich Black Screen this proff : https://prnt.sc/jdo75f
  8. 1 disconect The Internet has been cut off me alone vs Savash and The_Ripper https://prnt.sc/jcwtr7
  9. My nick: -Warrior- The nick of the cheater: hurry-up Prof : https://prnt.sc/j594ve
  10. i dc match i win 2.0 and i pause match and ramzi16 3 goal i'm not here Upon return I was amazed this photo in pause https://prntscr.com/j3j7o7
  11. hi mi profile is -Warrior- 'm have 1 disconect i play with The_Sniper vs -TheGhost- and 7agar_pes The Internet has been cut off With my friend We are friends and play with some We are not cheats stopped in corner please remove the 1 dc . The proof : https://prnt.sc/j2ibyi
  12. Me and The_Sniper VS BaBsy and Egzoski Date : 01/3/2018 Prove(image): https://prntscr.com/ilhdrc
  13. Me -Warrior- And The_Sniper Vs STRONG- DC cheater name : STRONG- prove of dc : https://prnt.sc/ikypiv
  14. My name : -Warrior- Date : 03/02/2018 name of dc : AbadiaFC Porve(image) : https://prntscr.com/i9wj0k Me : -Warrior- And 7agar_pes VS _Hano_ And AbadiaFC
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