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  1. Sorry @agh37 next time i respond with proof i was so busy the last week
  2. True and celtic is another dc cheater
  3. Celtic is a dc cheater
  4. Please admin check his logs he use the total control hack and he is dc cheater Top 5 : AliLochano dc cheater
  5. lol is true this madalay from colombia many times he dc pd: "7-1" ouchh jeje
  6. yea bro AGUADA disconect and he is celeste15 from Uruguay banned for 5 days only before
  7. hi @Ahg37 check thia cheater with the totalcontrol hack Valderrama have to be banned bro
  8. respuesta: si lo siguen haciendo seran baneados poco a poco ya les llegara su hora
  9. no tendre una copa pero no soy una niñita llorona como tu che boluuuudo
  10. i am 100% sure he is Cr7lm10 of Venezuela https://pes6stars.cf/forum/index.php?/topic/1798-cr7lm10-dc-cheater-bann-please/
  11. Hi i want to report this dc cheater VictorMANUEL of VENEZUELA he disconect when he lost check this screens proff he miss the penalty and he disconect
  12. correntino dc cheater argentino tramposo good job we have to kill the cheaters bye bye correntino
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