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  1. Hello admins, Please ban this uneducated person called " SMAEL. " we played 2v2, me and Payet and he was with beta (beta is a nice player and a fair one) my ping during the game was 44 and the game was playable, ping went high to 150 for few seconds only then went back to 44-45 and this was during the beginning of the 2nd half, after that ping was stable. in Extra time when we scored the winner "SMAEL." started insulting me as showen in the image below (please check the link) he insulted me and my mom by saying (**** your mom) ( son of ....) he said it in his own dialect (moroccan).  Here's the link for the image ( Thank you.
  2. Mido_Elegezy insult

    Hello admins, I wanna report this guy called Mido_Elegezy who keeps insulting me and my mom in private using his egyptian dialect, I only recorded this insult on the pic which means **** your mom you son of **** , please ban this uneducated person so that he behaves next time, the link to the pic Thank you
  3. Wrong DC

    Hello, the match against Baglarspor the guy was wasting time during 2nd half and it annoyed me, I'm not talking about that game, I also played a game before it and I won 1-0 full match but the win wasn't added it was against "Anis..Thelegend" and the dc point was added when I got cnx to server lost in a game I was leading 1-0 or 3-2 in 2nd half I don't remember against who exactly but the game was yesterday. 
  4. Wrong DC

    Hello admin, I got false dc added to my new profile Gol_D._RFan  the score was 2-0 to me in 2nd half when I got connexion to server lost. Today I played +5 games but all games weren't finished because I keep getting connexion to server lost even thought my internet didn't interrupt at all, please remove the dc and help me fix this "connexion to server lost" issue if you have any ideas how to fix it. Thank you so much! Roger
  5. | Anel16 - (Insult)

    Thank you admin.
  6. | Anel16 - (Insult)

    I played with this guy "Anel16" first game I won 5-4 everything went well then 2nd game at the end of the first half the score was 3-0 for me then the guy left and when I went back to room I was alone there and I wrote dc command to get my well deserved win and then I received these harmful insults by him. Please admin ban this guy. We Play PES6 For Fun And Not For Insulting Other Player's Family :) These are the links for the two pics of the insults: Thank you.
  7. Hello I was playing 1 VS 1 with ..NADRY .. the score was 0-0 until the end of the first half when he started using total control, He scored 2 goals using that hack and kept passing the ball in his 18m area in the 2nd half, my recording program wasn't on when he used total control in first goal but I recorded the 2nd goal and uploaded it in mediafire, here's the link  I also recorded the 2nd half where he started wasting time if it's needed I'll upload it too. I want him to get a permanent ban. Thank you. Roger
  8. Change profile name

    Hello, I want to change my profile Gol_D._Roger.  to -----> Pes6Star01   PS: there are two profiles of Gold_D._Roger ( one with a point at the end of the name and one without a points at the end) and I want to change the one with a point at the end. and then I want to change  oO.Palestine.Oo to  ----> Gol_D._Roger. Thank you!