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  1. The only truth. RYU Hartlepool Potteroulis Petrushka Luke. all are hackers clan. this were my lasts words. so don't cry if they continue because all weeks it is the same story. i have never been a cheater. hack = cheat
  2. All people who speak about dc are only kids who are in the clan of hackers. This is the only truth ehe
  3. All kiddy excuse is dc dc. first it is wrong i am a fairplayer with fairplayers. YOU HACK THE LOBBY AND YOU SPEAK ABOUT FAIRPLAY??? -.-''
  4. Superbad, don't speak about me please. i am not a kid sorry so ignor me thanks
  5. Thanks fabio, this is the only truth. Please Petrushka and the others hackers (Potteroulis, Hartlepool, RYU alias Enda), don't playthis kiddy game (voting what we know that you are hackers clan). everyone know that you are all 4 bigs noobs who take themself for jesus. it is your kiddy right, but when you hack pes6stars, this is very unfair. That is why i hope that you will be banned, this could be the logic result of yours acts. Luke is too a friend of them 4. yesterday i was saying to Petrushka "bb clown" in the lobby because he is, and 5 seconds later, the lobby was hacked...... so not need
  6. Everyone know that it is Enda of Eire who hack the lobbys. But they are a clan, just because they want that all people come on their server (pes6.org). This is the truth unfortunately. 1 TIME I HAVE SEEN Hartlepool hacking the lobby (he was 4x in the same room as 4 phantoms) and the next second, the lobby has crashed. I'm just wanna help to clean the cheaters mates. Now it is a clan, with Potteroulis and Petrushka, they want to destroy pes6stars the best server ever :(
  7. Hey guys ! admins or something else! i know who cheat the lobbys. Hartlepool, RYU, Potteroulis, Petrushka. If you will banned them, surely this problem will be closed. Clean the server please they are totally unfair, kids, and of course, CHEATERS.
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