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  1. chiko used d.c cheat at minute 82 and we cant enable to use @dc command the game result wasn't counted
  2. I forgot to add the game result with @dc command kindly add them for me
  3. Note: the game wasn't counted. Kindly, I want it back "it was 3/0 to me". Thanks
  4. https://ibb.co/ZMG8V6c https://ibb.co/jrMLs69
  5. Dc From Ekyanaarea in 88' score 5-2
  6. - DC Cheater InGame Name : DANIELS1983 - When you played this match? : 11/11/20 23:21 - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : attached - Describe what he made : In extra time, losing by 5 - 1, he DC.
  7. Hello admin, I got false dc added to my new profile Gol_D._RFan the score was 2-0 to me in 2nd half when I got connexion to server lost. Today I played +5 games but all games weren't finished because I keep getting connexion to server lost even thought my internet didn't interrupt at all, please remove the dc and help me fix this "connexion to server lost" issue if you have any ideas how to fix it. Thank you so much! Roger
  8. my ingame name: Cell.jr name of cheater: tunisienstade Match Date: 2.12.2018
  9. My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: Gareth.Bale
  10. black screen last game 1 - 0 i m win
  11. https://imgur.com/a/XWAhsN5 https://imgur.com/u2XQtKJ
  12. https://imgur.com/06O4Mn0 https://imgur.com/xY5mJlQ
  13. Me : M.Ozil24 cheater : SINCOS.KINA prove(image) : https://imgur.com/a/sti7Ryc SINCOS.KINA dc after he lose 10-0 in last min of the game. 90+
  14. i get 2 wrong dc with M.Ozil24
  15. My name : MrIMADE name of dc : MohammedTamer1 name of dc : mugiwaraboy Porve(image) : https://imgur.com/qV8nHWn https://imgur.com/PXFZZrS https://imgur.com/mwSsEG2
  16. https://youtu.be/_Hcobmsd2D4
  17. FUTURE DC AFTER HE LOSE IN PENALTY SHOTS LIKE ALWAYS befor : https://imgur.com/a/Fz2PAdi after : https://imgur.com/a/MIEJe2P 16 w - 0 d - 0 l big cheeater !!
  18. podolosky DC EX 3-1 04-06-2018 Peich & nazario Vs podoloski MrGON https://youtu.be/6TUTY5h8v7A
  19. adel12345 DC min86 4-2 04-06-2018 Peich & nazario Vs adel12345 & AhmedElsayed https://youtu.be/-RgWyl_97I8
  20. SINCOS.KINA DCmin79 6-0 03-06-2018 Peich & Shininho Vs SINCOS.KINA & DONZICO https://youtu.be/FUgG-X-JzMQ
  21. Myname:Shininho Cheater: -Joachim.Loew.- This guy is absolutely unfair. His statics are false... and in his fantasy he is the best, poor guy, he just wants to win, and he will do anything. I think he only has 2 losses in the game and is ranked 4, all fake. He has many accounts cheaters. He is the real MVP of CHEATERS.
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