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Found 6 results

  1. Myname:Shininho Cheater: -Joachim.Loew.- This guy is absolutely unfair. His statics are false... and in his fantasy he is the best, poor guy, he just wants to win, and he will do anything. I think he only has 2 losses in the game and is ranked 4, all fake. He has many accounts cheaters. He is the real MVP of CHEATERS.
  2. EnriqueC-A- & ToniKroos_GER has been banned Reason : Too much disconnect/escape when losing. Proof : 100% Server Logs and Pes6Stars's latest feature for stop cheaters -> The page of "Unfinished" games! ============================ EnriqueC-A- -> 26 match - 24 wins > 1 draws > 1 losses his disconnects / escapes more than 5 (when draw 2 dc, when lose 3 dc) you have 1 lost, 5 escape. ToniKroos_GER -> 30 match - 25 wins > 5 losses > winstreak 17/17 his disconnects / escapes 9 (most of escapes at penalties ) you have 5 lost, 9 escape and 17/17 winstreak. You always playing players who have bad stats. But you still loosing them! How I can leave you like that? Nothing last forever! ============================ SOME PROOFS AS DETAILED;
  3. My name : wawa1313 DC name : aminegharbi Match Date: 20.06.2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpKCwS22ON4 It leads to the score 2-0 and I managed to equalized to 2-2 at the last second. The player continues to be fair-play, but when I score my 3rd goal in overtime, he stops playing and tells me he lag a lot. I warn him that if he DC, he is going to be banished, and before the end of the game he DC ... The excuse of lag after taking a goal will always make me laugh SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH PLS
  4. My name : Asa7by Oponnent : Deyaa_Zamalek Date : 10.6.2017 ========================================== After i had played the first half i won 6/0 He started to be crazy at second half and made goals at himself until it was 24/0 then he made a DC I know it's very weird but i won 6/0 in the first half and that was the reason for what he did at second half i see :) Prove First half result A video when he made a DC ( He was making own goals at second half as i said :)
  5. my nick: Luciana-ZoGBi the name of the cheater: EIFER_Negro ______________________________ the video:sry for Quality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiL2uJH-dW4&feature=youtu.be
  6. Format of report hacker ! If you saw anyone Hacker or Disconnect while he is a loser to keep his rank up. make a topic Here or Report at our <discord> channel! With this things - DC Cheater InGame Name : - When you played this match? : - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : - Describe what he made : If You don't make Complaint with this things your complaint will be DENIED ! Proofs (Picture or Video) INSULTING to family will result 15 day BAN! TOTAL CONTROL and Dream Patch (Transfer Cheat) cheats must be reported as video. Than will result to BAN FOREVER! No one allowed to reply to a topic not related to him or the three persons in case of 2vs2 matches, Who replay will receive 10 warning points for 5 days and will be removed within 5 days automatically. When we remove all than we can't know who cheater. Players need accept this if they here for fun. Fair & fun players will not care to something 'count'. and topics will not be closed until dc's reply ============================================= NEW RULE (03/01/2017) You guys will get your scores back by us! HOW? Report cheaters by using video program and get your scores back! Here is a example that what I'm talking about; https://Pes6Stars.cf/forum/index.php/topic/623-msi10-dc/ ============================================= NEW RULE (02/03/2017) Now we accept pictures for disconnects too... here is an example : https://Pes6Stars.cf/forum/index.php?/topic/1419-minoo30-dc/
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