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Suspicious lag on Peich's host when opponents attack or shoot

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Maybe I am wrong but I noticed something, when players start attacks against Peich or shoot on his goal the game will stall for 1 second like a lag and his opponent misses the goal or messes up a pass when starting a dangerous counter attack.  


Now normally I see this happen on bad African hosts, where the game is catching up on packets / synchronizing the match between clients. The game will however also take a while to load when the ball is kicked out or un-paused.  But On Peich's host I noticed the game loads instantly during these situations. 

This cheat was common 2006-2013 and still in other games today. It's called "Lag pedal". The cheater has a button on his controller or keyboard that limits traffic through the games port temporarily when pressed. Nobody spots or reports it.

I personally don't know Peich, I've only played with him 4-5 times maybe. He seems like a nice guy.  I have seen this lag happen at the moment me and my partners shoot or just beforehand, or when we start to counter ... 5-6 times in a match sometimes, 4-5 matches in a row. Maybe its just lag but Peich hosts all his matches and he does not let the other player host unless his hand is forced, so that's possibly 4000 matches he's screwed with secretly and why I'm posting :)

Make up your own mind


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    Ahg37, thanks for your support.
    I have never done any cheat. I didn't cause any lag intentionnaly. I only play if nobody else at home is using internet. I always disconect wireless and check if all programs are closed before playing. My upload speed is 52 megas, ping: 11ms (very stable, I play by ethernet). I have open router ports. When players have lag it is not my fault. It's just lag and it's just a pity.
    It's true I'm host many times but is also true that my host is requested many times. Many players told me that it works good for them. I saw many of them playing always hard. I have lost 6-1, 6-2, 7-3... on my host, the latter can't be so bad. I've been beaten by players from USA, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Rusia, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, N.Africa, Europe...        
    Enda played vs us on 2 occasions recently, 5 matches. He was saying all the time: "cheater", "lag", "button lag"... but his teammates in these matches: l. (from germany) and shininho kept playing against us on my host after Enda was gone. Indeed i asked shininho if he had lag and he said no lag (i keep the whole match and this conversation). If Enda had lag it is just lag.
    I don't know all the factors wich may influence on having lag. For instance, I've played perfectly on 7agar_pes host (veteran algerian player) or maraZola host (greek) but hartelpool's or Philinho's  hosts work a little worst for me and i know their connections are better. There is no perfect host for all players. With italian players (enzox, paam) we have sometimes some light lag but they are friendly and we enjoy playing. So we play following  "If host wins, host changes" rule.
    It is possible to see that great and veteran players as R.Backley (Fra), manager (Algeria), danieldebest (Hol), F10 (Bosnia) ... who use to play more against me than with me are still coming to my rooms. If I cheated in thousand matches as Enda said these players and many others would not come to my rooms at present.
    My usual great teammates as Zoa or shininho also play against me.
    I play also in another hosts.
    I accept host requests if they are requested by friendly players. Players who insult or cheat can't discover this.
    I always ask and offer host to the players who I know they have good connection as Luke, shininho, danieldebest, Potteroulis, F10... when we are 4 friends in closed room. I offer, they use to refuse.
    I'm not a cheater. Au contraire!:
    _I don't request own goals with cutgoals against (I just say "no cuts please" and I keep playing nocuts style)
    _When a player says "lag" I say "u can leave, np"
    _After winning I take lower teams
    _I score own goals in rematch if some eventual break, crash, .exe... happens when I'm loosing
    _I didn't DC when players won me by cutgoals (is just a game, this is not poker)

    I've played many matches, many players know me. Many players can confirm all of this. I've made many pesfriends playing with or against. I'm gratefull with them and with Pes6Stars server.
    I like this game. I keep records of my nice goals, nice goals by my mates and even nice goals against! which kind of player does this?  
    I hope to remove any "suspicion" about me. I'm truly fair. Please no more false accusations
    Enjoy the game! regards.

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