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  1. Thanks Ali. You're familiar with his connection more than me.
  2. Greetings Maybe I am wrong but I noticed something, when players start attacks against Peich or shoot on his goal the game will stall for 1 second like a lag and his opponent misses the goal or messes up a pass when starting a dangerous counter attack. Now normally I see this happen on bad African hosts, where the game is catching up on packets / synchronizing the match between clients. The game will however also take a while to load when the ball is kicked out or un-paused. But On Peich's host I noticed the game loads instantly during these situations. This cheat was
  3. Enda

    - Lag

    @Ahg37 is right It's your ping to the other players @OussamaDinho PES6 can run perfect even on a 10KB line, it doesn't need 100MB capacity You can improve ping by routing your traffic through a VPS around a bad link between you and the other players. Use traceroute hops to identify the bad intermediary link if there is one. These are like 10 bucks a month Good luck,
  4. Runas old mate, are you on Facebook at all? :thumbup1:

    We have a club there for organising matches on weekends

    1. ClintEastwood


      Hi mate, how are you??? i hope all well.

      Yes i have fb, but i never use it jajajaj, i am the rare guy of internet.

      About to play, i usually conect at nights so no problem to play matches and to drink some beers ;).

      I am so bad in general, and very bad in 2v2......like always.


  5. Hope you're enjoying Kenya mate! :thumbup:


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