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  1. Hope you're enjoying Kenya mate! :thumbup:


  2. @Ahg37 First of all, i think "son of a bitch" is just an explanation for s.o.b. He didnt call you that. Well, he did called you stupid but this is minor. It's not required that everyone must like you, or me, to play PES6. To the point: I know this guy for many years (we have played a ton of games) and for me, he's by far the best player i have ever played with. His skills are insane. He can score in every way possible. All his stats are real and everything he say about other people is real too. He will not start a fight, he always get hate from other people because he always
  3. @Ahg, Please, take a look if Mr.Barca account is hacked. @moez_bk What country was reported for Mr.Barca in the room?
  4. A CUTBACK goal is ONLY when a player from INSIDE the box, passes using SIMPLE pass OR smart pass to a player who is coming and shots WITHOUT CONTROLLING the ball, causing the CUTBACK ANIMATION which is BUGGY and scores easily. 3x long pass is NOT a cut and never was. This is the CUTBACK animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebk6bqa1-v8 Sometimes it can happen even with forward passes and direct shoting, but we can't forbid everything. That's why cutbacks are about back passes or aligned passes with direct shot causing the buggy animation. When someone scores with such a c
  5. Please fix it :)
  6. PES6 is a game that was released on 2006. On 2015 we're glad we are still able to enjoy this game but unfortunately only a few amount of people still plays this game. ...and on top of that, we have 13123 number of incompatible different patches! Someone has to end this multiple patch support. Please people, let's vote for 1 and only patch to be used and then ALL OF US let's use that patch. There are few players online and there are like 4-5 different patches AT THE SAME TIME! It's a pain, really.
  7. profile name: usbusb He was losing and started insulting me in the worst possible way and I didn't say anything! He insulted my mother, my grandmother and my dead relatives. What a terrible person.
  8. I can't see the game score anywhere in this video.
  9. Screenshots are not enough. Anyone can cause DC and blame others. Please post video proof.
  10. I don't like people getting permanent banned. I would prefer ban for X period of time and stats reset or something like that. At the end we will end up playing alone. I'm afraid so. :( CaptainTsubasa on his host (A' half), deco right after i scored the 2nd goal (0-2).
  11. @Tctuvan, you are writing in a pes6 server's forum that you would like to deploy another pes6 somewhere else. People, there is no point creating 100 servers and allowing people with 100 different patches. ONE server should be ENOUGH for all people in the world. Besides, maintaining a server is not the easiest thing to do. Pesgate gets hacked every day and this server is having many problems on loading screens.
  12. I'm a player, a fair player. But on rare cases i get exe crash and the game terminates. This also happen to some friends as well. DC cheating is NOT good and ALL DC cheaters should be banned -or at least get warned for the first time- BUT what happens in exe crash? My suggestion: Offer the opponent to replay the game and lose in purposeIf someone denies this, then ban him freely. I'm afraid if you continue banning everyone we will end up with very few players in the server... AND many of us will be constantly afraid of exe crash... i don't want to get banned for a possible exe crash!
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