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  1. http://sendvid.com/qr0qmlfe
  2. http://sendvid.com/ilztfmnc
  3. Thats even more gay . You delete complaint ,then return it after i say it . Thats like take a shit and then lick/eat it. Your style... I dont give a shit, do whatever you want i deleted the game .Ban or not ban this server won't see me anymore .Im far above this shit . Drown in your own filth and your master mind rules. Kid! Goodbye
  4. http://sendvid.com/b7bx6lif http://sendvid.com/8dqmt2wf Good job deleting my complaint.Gay style...
  5. http://sendvid.com/zkv1gt3z
  6. http://sendvid.com/j7bc60v8 Tell me once again,so you dont punish players that dc if they dont have good stats????? That means this idiot and idiots like him ,can dc as much as they want as long as they have shit stats you wont punish it?? If i do once DC i assume you will be happy to ban me with reason "cheater ,look at his stats 90% wins he dc for ranking??????" You come up with some rules that no one normal understands. I see everyone others are fine with it they dc and dc and you dont punish it. I report someone and you "add" 2 dc that mean nothing because no one e
  7. Nothing added,dont lie!
  8. Cheater name is : messiFCB http://sendvid.com/b1d2ioaj
  9. cheater name : mogadorien http://sendvid.com/imh4aavl
  10. Nothing has been added to my profile. Also nothing has been added to his profile (no 2 dc) i saw him today,he has 0 dc... Unlike you i have brain and eyes.
  11. My name -Serborthodox- Dc : Osos http://sendvid.com/9gpo9w06 Insult kosomk = fuck your m*th*r
  12. You mean "fucking cheater(take a look at pic)" is not an insult? Ok then you Ahg are a fucking cheater. And also if you look closely(once again if your tiny brain with limited functionality is capable of) at one of the pictures he also mentioned "Faggot" Faggot=gay i feel like im google translator right here ... And you are the mod..........
  13. Dont try to turn this around on me I reported someone for an insult ,you dont punish the insult ! Example nr 1. : I report once again(this topic) you try to turn it around on me. I write you an insult that you say you dont see(you pretend to be stupid or maybe you really are stupid?) you wanna ban for me because of an insult. So when someone insult me then its OK? When I insult you thats not OK and deserves ban ? Just one word L O L Once again I tell you ,you dont have mental capacity to be moderator of anything in the entire web world. You can
  14. My ingame name is : -SerbOrthodox- cheater ingame name is : ShadyRMA http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=8wm4xh%3E&s=9#.WKc5tvKQJf4
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