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elpatron - (Provoked Lag) - [Banned!]

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My ingame nick: runas


The nick of the cheater: elpatron


I had seen this cheate more times before in the pes6j times. This guy use a net limiter in order to provoke lag. As you can see in the videos he have a good conex, 2 bars...however in the second half (his host) appears suddenly pauses in concrete moments of the match provoking the game unplayable. Always the same, when i have the ball on atack for example and he feels in risk or when he is atacking me....first the pause, frozen screen for me, and a second later...the action continue with advantage for him.

The net limiter, pause for a moment the game for the opponent but continue for the cheater, i see this cheat a lot of times in pes6j, when i was admin there.

I will post the complete match to show all how was, but no problems in the first half.






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