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  1. Hello , I'm here to make a report against -_Cr7-_ , he has played with me using a perfect formation , he has transferd these players in one single team : check his formation's memebers at the following picture : https://imgur.com/SP8WMaw
  2. date: 22-12-2019 hour: 19:50 aprox. cheater: SOCRATES----- cheat: use super patch or something like that. He have DE SQUERAN, that is Di Stefano playing in Benfica. You can see it in the beggining of the video after he shoted with Distefano. https://youtu.be/pv1YD_4qE_g
  3. Cheater name : The_Best_ My ingame name : RYU when the game was played : 12/07/2018 what did the cheater do : Disconnect in last minute after loosing 5/2
  4. My name : MrIMADE name of dc : MohammedTamer1 name of dc : mugiwaraboy Porve(image) : https://imgur.com/qV8nHWn https://imgur.com/PXFZZrS https://imgur.com/mwSsEG2
  5. DC Cheater InGame Name : YOUSSIF22 - When you played this match? : 08/06/2018 about 10h35 (local time of Tunisia). - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVNWaA9Z-MQ - Describe what he made : dc Cheat
  6. - DC Cheater InGame Name : ibraKdabra - When you played this match? : 07/06/2018 about 12h50 (local time of Tunisia). - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdYb8iS8duw - Describe what he made : dc Cheat
  7. ||46|| = DC (Cheat Engine) Video : https://youtu.be/66eUDBie46w Profil Photo : 43 Wins - 10 Draws - Losses 0 ► http://d.up-00.com/2018/04/152439513787631.jpg . I want to put 1 loss - 1 DC . ;)
  8. Me: Chrispoo DC : LeonelMessi Prove(image) : https://imgur.com/a/Zo0Tm LeonelMessi dc after he lose 3-0 in last mins of the game !!! cheatttttttttter
  9. YISUSTG loser 0-1 quit at 13' with DC CHEAT the video https://youtu.be/wIaS_OGAfVI
  10. The_Ripper DC CHEAT at 74' when he loses 1-2 the video https://youtu.be/A-OAsObU2fE
  11. ferd loose 2-4 quit at 57' with DC CHEAT the video https://youtu.be/hxiapc_Huus
  12. me SMS winner 2-1 polatALEMDAR who do DC cheat at 90' the video https://youtu.be/snYcUHgYrWg
  13. me SMS winner 3-1 Hamilton who do DC CHEAT at finish time of 2nd extra time the video
  14. Admin checks logs of this cheater dc he use total control hack.... morocco virux????
  15. Me : Zoa hacker and cheater : SHIKOO SHIKOO use hack (Dream Patch Cheat) Prove1 : https://imgur.com/a/mW7Hh Prove2:https://imgur.com/a/tZxS1 and Dc after he lose Prove : https://imgur.com/a/mauho
  16. Cheater : zeRoCoOoL What he made : Total Control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmJvHuOnD-c BANNED FOREVER!
  17. - DC Cheater InGame Name : C3asper - When you played this match? : 30/11/2107 - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : video - Describe what he made : Using Total control + Disconnecting
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THFLwWnQirc when host became man this boy used cheat engine :) that's clear
  19. - DC Cheater InGame Name : C3asper - When you played this match? : 27/11/2107 - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : video - Describe what he made : for the 2nd time in less than one month he chose 5 min esay way to steal a win but when he lose he quits, i want my win and this time he should have some special penalty for this behavior
  20. TheCunAguero dc cheater , he has 0 loses because he dc ,check that profile , its like CunDiego and Carloshenko
  21. Cheater is name: ZIKO22 Match date: 12.07.2017
  22. Cheater is name: tito-newells Match date: 12.07.2017
  23. Cheater is name: Professional-- Match date: 04.07.2017
  24. The profile name of the cheater is Cun, he is D1. The game was played today at 4:10PM of the server hour.
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