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  1. before we go to extra times he said does not want to play I said to him if you left I will report you then he respond suck my d*** . I failed to take screenshot of this but if you can verify the history of chat you will see find it. then the rest of chat is in the screenshoot and when I score the goal in the first half then in the second he left when he felt he can not play he made me so angry and so stressed and I do not think that is the goal of our playing Sorry for my long story
  2. Cheater: WAEL777 DATE: 29/12/2019, 2:00 APROX Other crazy man, losing his nerves and insulting heavly. Mothers are holly......bang, bang, bang....ban him.
  3. My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: KEYNES Difficult to explain...maybe serious mental problems:
  4. - DC Cheater InGame Name : Mohamed_Hano - When you played this match? : 24/02/2017 and 05/03/2017 - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsZuKakWgbk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH0DnDqvH9c - Describe what he made : DC in two games + he says he is going to come back and insult me everyday ^^.
  5. egzoski insulted my mother while playing, after that, he disconnected when he was losing. I did not have prove of it ,but I have proof of racist insults in the lobby
  6. AFK attack me and insulte for not reason he said nik mok ya wlid kahba meaning = fuck your mother son of bitch and he said ya maroki l3atay that is racism insulte my country morocco https://imgur.com/a/RGcOF
  7. "winning 2-1 in 2nd half and he DCs after being annoyed most of the match with his partner " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr87Cg3Kb4c
  8. My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: MSN Match played at : 06.04.2017 We have here a case with all posibles issues: decocheat, heavy insults, lies, cinism, cut in a room called no cuts...etc, etcc Sorry for the song, is my favourite song dedicated for stupid behaviours, if you dont like only turn off the sound.
  9. Insulter: Raul10 My ingame nick: runas Here is not heavy insults, but i want to complaint because i am bored of this child behaviour, and i think that a few days without playing pes6 will be a good thing to make this kind of players, think about his stupid behaviour with no sense, insulting without reason, liying,…unbelievable. This is the history, match Runas (real madrid) 2 vs Raul10 (inter) 2. The whole conversation: He shot on goal, and I said: nice shot. I score, and he said: ??? Me: lucky goal.
  10. my nick: ssdd98 cheater: Ragnier32 i was winning 3-0.... just see the video, he moves my goalkeeper, the ball. and insults https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_a7vz_35bY&feature=youtu.be
  11. Insulting player: HENDAWY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijcbG5rL97k
  12. My ingame nick: runas The nick of insulting user: FrancoAvila This guy enter in my room, i saw him with bad conection, so i told him: runas: we have bad conection FrancoAvila: ssss talk me well mad man r: ? F: you dont play?? r: we dont have conection, we will have lag F: are you scared of me? r: wait, ...i ll check your stats F: .I. (i think that everybody knows what means) (fuck you or something like that) r: yes, i am so scared.......you have 3 victories.
  13. Hackers Names In Game : Morcoo.Virus.X and Dark.Boy These two players are using total tools and when i asked them why they cheated , then they insulte me Video 1 : https://youtu.be/AK1GdLdktfw Video 2 : Insulte https://youtu.be/WidzlZWNQSI
  14. My Ingame name: PES.KING Hacker Ingame name: Xx_SirColorado Describe what he say : He insult me , he said that Im a cheater but I never play against him :D :D :D wtf !!!!!
  15. my ingame name: Sonic name that was disconnected: SOUL Insult: https://youtu.be/VGbPeEKsKjE hijo de puta: motherfucker pedazo de mierda: piece of shit Dc: https://youtu.be/_TUYv1tu87U
  16. - DC Cheater InGame Name : balabol1990 - Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) : Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhDFqplxcVw&feature=youtu.be - Describe what he made : It came out when I scored my second goal must be a bad loser, and I play with a lag of the ostia and he was insulting me, but I want my win, thank you for seeing him.
  17. My ingame nick: runas The ingame nick of the cheater: jaldinfernando Insults: -"chupa pija" = "suck my dick" -"dalee gil" = "lets go dumb" -"puto" = "bitch" -"cagón" = "shitty"
  18. My ingame nick: runas The nick of the cheater: samuelPro Insults: fdp = filho da puta = son of a bitch.
  19. My ingame nick: runas The nick of the cheater: GoltY At the end of the match, like he lose he insult me: "hijo de puta"..........that means son of a bitch.
  20. my ingame name: Del-Piero10name that was disconnected: Andres-calidad First video: http://sendvid.com/dt8i6zfg Second video: http://sendvid.com/nlg9kla4 Insults: https://img42.com/Ov8w7 and https://img42.com/xxDOF "estupido" is translated "stupid", "baboso" is "immature, callow" or "foolish, stupid".
  21. My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: Fabian17
  22. My nick: runas The nick of the cheater: Sol-naciente
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