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Wrong DC

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Hello admin, I got false dc added to my new profile Gol_D._RFan  the score was 2-0 to me in 2nd half when I got connexion to server lost. Today I played +5 games but all games weren't finished because I keep getting connexion to server lost even thought my internet didn't interrupt at all, please remove the dc and help me fix this "connexion to server lost" issue if you have any ideas how to fix it. Thank you so much!


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Server logs saying ;
Time: 2020-05-03 20:06:59.661046
Lobby Name: _NO PATCH #1
Room Name: Room Baglarspor
Score : 4-2 | The match ended after: 85 minutes
"Baglarspor" vs  "Gol_D.RFan"
So I can't delete your dc point and if you do this again you will be banned because you have just wins..

for connection lost, its about ethernet, not server. High traffics in corona days, maybe thats the reason. Please keep report us about this problems.. thx..

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Hello, the match against Baglarspor the guy was wasting time during 2nd half and it annoyed me, I'm not talking about that game, I also played a game before it and I won 1-0 full match but the win wasn't added it was against "Anis..Thelegend" and the dc point was added when I got cnx to server lost in a game I was leading 1-0 or 3-2 in 2nd half I don't remember against who exactly but the game was yesterday. 

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