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Found 10 results

  1. Greetings Maybe I am wrong but I noticed something, when players start attacks against Peich or shoot on his goal the game will stall for 1 second like a lag and his opponent misses the goal or messes up a pass when starting a dangerous counter attack. Now normally I see this happen on bad African hosts, where the game is catching up on packets / synchronizing the match between clients. The game will however also take a while to load when the ball is kicked out or un-paused. But On Peich's host I noticed the game loads instantly during these situations. This cheat was
  2. in the first half of the match there aren't problem, there isn't lag, but when start the second half i have lag problems... a button delay of one second or half second and this make the match impossible to play... please how i fix this?
  3. Please have a lag problem because of the conx? There is a solution thank you
  4. igname: Seiyadepegaso watching the match of TheGunner cheater:The-Pro-Maroc https://youtu.be/Sa3uKKRCitQ The-Pro-Maro was loosing 2-1 and he dc
  5. http://sendvid.com/b7bx6lif http://sendvid.com/8dqmt2wf Good job deleting my complaint.Gay style...
  6. My ingame nick: runas The nick of the cheater: elpatron I had seen this cheate more times before in the pes6j times. This guy use a net limiter in order to provoke lag. As you can see in the videos he have a good conex, 2 bars...however in the second half (his host) appears suddenly pauses in concrete moments of the match provoking the game unplayable. Always the same, when i have the ball on atack for example and he feels in risk or when he is atacking me....first the pause, frozen screen for me, and a second later...the action continue with advantage for him. The
  7. My ingame nick: runas The nick of the cheater: RONALDO-OP7 ================================================== First he triying cutgoal in a room called: "1v1 no cuts please",........then when i score a goal.......he makes deco cheat, and finish insult me in the chat...
  8. My Nickname : Skype Hacker Name : -_--_- http://f.top4top.net/p_3266ke3a1.jpg
  9. https://vimeo.com/168414972 https://vimeo.com/168414965
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