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Found 24 results

  1. before we go to extra times he said does not want to play I said to him if you left I will report you then he respond suck my d*** . I failed to take screenshot of this but if you can verify the history of chat you will see find it. then the rest of chat is in the screenshoot and when I score the goal in the first half then in the second he left when he felt he can not play he made me so angry and so stressed and I do not think that is the goal of our playing Sorry for my long story
  2. Hello. Do anyone know a viable source where I can get the full version of the game for pc?
  3. I hope i cant post this here... date: 22-12-2019 hour: 19:30 aprox. In second half we have a terrible, unplayable lag so i quit the match, while i was winning.....so my question is that is posible delete....this dc number 8 !!! https://youtu.be/cJ6nN0-zG8k
  4. - DC Cheater InGame Name : destripa.uy - When you played this match? : 10/30/2019 Dear Mr. Ahg37, Good Night. I was on the server today and was offended for wanting to play honestly without cheats. Who offended me was Nick destripa.uy, for no reason he went on chat and said obscene words that disrespected me as a woman. I would like you to take strong action because I was discriminated against on this server for being a woman. With all due respect, thank you for your attention. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/19/c6/1019c62d756db8a40ea955c4120c4a94.jpg
  5. Cheater name : The_Best_ My ingame name : RYU when the game was played : 12/07/2018 what did the cheater do : Disconnect in last minute after loosing 5/2
  6. (28) 3 - 3 ( -.KING-KIN.-) dc in extra time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwxyvr4LmPM
  7. HakerName = beloomi MyName = LeonelMessi Video = https://youtu.be/E8MiqDZRkTA
  8. The Zofia DC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrNXS8it2jU
  9. matias and the raptor (gonzapro) disconect , link video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdn8oK_XEdw&feature=youtu.be
  10. when i want to play online with pes6stars server with firebird 2016 by chossing lobby of firebird when we select the team we see that formation is mess up can any body help me
  11. One goal with all the teams of pes6. Here the goals from the calcio league of Italy. Do you accept the challenge???
  12. A player named #Nicosciarra96 was superior to him with a few goals at the end of the first half. He went out of the game to avoid a loss.
  13. in the first half of the match there aren't problem, there isn't lag, but when start the second half i have lag problems... a button delay of one second or half second and this make the match impossible to play... please how i fix this?
  14. Hi all mate, in the same way like in pes6j server, i would like to suggest here one idea. The revolution tournament, is very simply to say but not easy to get. You must get one goal with ALL the pes6 teams. Record, edit and post to the comunity. Not prizes, and only to see a lot of goals with teams differents to inter, real, barsa, etc. Cut goals are not wellcome. I hope pes6stars stuff, Bob and Ahg37, permit this activity. Really i think that is nothing bad to the comunity, i think that if a few accept this challenge, we will see a lot of rare teams playing in pes6stars arena.
  15. My Nickname : Jumanji DC Name : The.Winner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYUdPYHyig4&feature=youtu.be
  16. I signed in yesterday and I noticed that there are some servers with different patches. For example, there's the ArabStars Patch, the Supersonic Patch, etc... And of course, the original. I want to know HOW to play in those servers with different patches, it's confusing the heck outta me... Sorry I posted in the suggestions forum, Can you move it to the support forum?
  17. I ask you to repair the server and Bridging the gaps server Because the server is considered the best Arab Sarts the rest server is bad Because lag in game
  18. Hey guys ! admins or something else! i know who cheat the lobbys. Hartlepool, RYU, Potteroulis, Petrushka. If you will banned them, surely this problem will be closed. Clean the server please they are totally unfair, kids, and of course, CHEATERS.
  19. With up to 9 or 12 disconnections and the prohibition of the account or for a few days
  20. For example like this: Tribute to Van "The MAN" Nistelrooy. long live pes6.............
  21. My ingame name: Noob-SaibotName cheater : nekogal9 Prof : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Okw1wpcw_h0 Disconnectors are killing this servers ! We need to stop them with harsh sanctions and HARD hand! nekogal 9 is one of the worst and most regular disconcerting players in the server.
  22. I cant register to the servers what i can do? Thanks
  23. Dear Bob, first of all we started a game i won him 2-1 then we went for another game,he chose a low team while i choose Manu,i informed him that i will leave because the game is not equal , i told him that i will leave he threatended me if i left he will change my name because he is admin even if i went to cry to bob he mean the owner,today when i went to play i found that i already banned and i could not access the server because i beat the mod ?!!! admins can you please check and advise ,there is a video attached ( https://youtu.be/NOWqhR_8udg ) My Name in game : CRonaldo7 i want
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