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Format of report hacker !

If you saw anyone Hacker or Disconnect while he is a loser to keep his rank up.

make a topic Here or Report at our <discord> channel!

With this things

- DC Cheater InGame Name :
- When you played this match? : 
- Any Prove (ingame Picture or Video) :
- Describe what he made :

If You don't make Complaint with this things your complaint will be DENIED !

Proofs (Picture or Video)

INSULTING to family will result 15 day BAN!

TOTAL CONTROL and Dream Patch (Transfer Cheat) cheats must be reported as video. Than will result to BAN FOREVER!

No one allowed to reply to a topic not related to him or the three persons in case of 2vs2 matches, Who replay will receive 10 warning points for 5 days and will be removed within 5 days automatically.

On 12/6/2016 at 2:15 PM, NotSure said:

PS Quote: This system just made for fun and best connection

Ok, Remove ALL statistics from the profiles, ratings and ranks, wins/str records, the number of wins and losses, and I agree with this statement ;)

When we remove all than we can't know who cheater. Players need accept this
if they here for fun. Fair & fun players will not care to something 'count'.

and topics will not be closed until dc's reply


NEW RULE  (03/01/2017)

You guys will get your scores back by us!

Report cheaters by using video program and get your scores back!
Here is a example that what I'm talking about; 


NEW RULE  (02/03/2017)

Now we accept pictures for disconnects too...

here is an example : https://Pes6Stars.cf/forum/index.php?/topic/1419-minoo30-dc/

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